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S98 Pro from Doogee

The gadget in moving pictures with sound

You can buy the Doogee S98 Pro in the Doogee store on Amazon.
By purchasing via the specified affiliate links, you support HOITG without any additional costs for you - thanks!
I do not recommend buying directly in China, as the device can be confiscated by customs! I was noted that this happened due to improper CE marking!

How Open Is This Gadget?

Category Remark Info
Firmware Uses Android as operating system.
Bootloader can be unlocked, but then the manufacturer's warranty is void.
Hardware As (unfortunately) usual with smartphones, everything is glued and components can only be repaired with special tools.
Website Manufacturer's website provides up-to-date information and includes a forum.
No download section for ROMs or updates.

The gadget in detail

Figure 1:
The Doogee S98 Pro is a very robust device. It has a large battery with 6Ah and the screen with a diagonal of 6.3 inches, corresponding to 16cm makes reading comfortable.
The smartphone clearly stands out from the mass of competitors, especially with it's rugged design as well as a camera for night vision and a thermal imaging camera.


Category Value Remark
Display 6.3 Inch = 160mm
Full HD, 19:9
Contrast: 15000:1
Birghtness: 500nit
Dimensions 175x60x15mm  
Weight 345g  
Battery 6Ah
Charging with 33W
Wireless charging 15W
10% to 80% in one hour
Charger and phone get lukewarm while charging.
Main camera 48MP 8000x6000  
Night vision camera 20MP 5120x3840  
Thermal camera 256x192 -15°C bis 550°C
Front camera 16MP 3456x4608  
Navigation GLONASS, BeiDou, GPS, Galileo, AGPS  
Mobile networks Tray for two SIM cards  
256GB UFS2.2 ROM
Expandable via micro SD card
Processor MediaTek Helio G96
Arm Mali-G57 MC2 GPU
Protection class IP68, IP69k, MIL-STD-810H  
Interfaces USB-C
Operating system Android 12  
Special features Side-Mounted fingerprint sensor.
Additional, customizable button.

Package contents

Figure 2:
The S98 Pro comes with a 33W charger, a USB cable, a small lever to open the SIM card slot and a protective film for the display.

Sample photos main camera

Figure 3:
The main camera has a maximum resolution of 8000x6000 Pixel.
O + P were shot deep in the twilight and can be used for comparison with photos from the night vision and thermal imaging cameras.

Sample photos night vision camera

Figure 4:
Photos taken with the night vision camera, which is sensitive to infrared light and has a maximum resolution of 5120x3840 pixels.
In Image J, the IR LEDs are on. These lead to strong scattered light on the lens, which greatly affects the image quality.

Sample photos thermal camera

Figure 5:
The thermal imaging camera has a resolution of 256x192 pixels. However, the S98 Pro places a photo from the main camera over the thermal image and thus calculates a mix of both images.

Sample photos selfie camera

Figure 6:
I tested the selfie camera under different lighting conditions with a model who simply looks better than me ;-)
A: Daylight room
B: Low illumination
C: Quite dark, automatic long exposure, the display acts as a "flash light"
D: Backlight
Note: S98 Pro's face recognition doesn't respond to teddy bears...

My personal conclusion

The Doogee S98 Pro brings you through the day with ease due to the large battery. The possibility of outsourcing data to a micro SD card or a USB stick makes you independent of cloud storage. With the night vision and thermal imaging camera, the smartphone is great for photo experiments. The computing power allows smooth work.
Regarding the software, a closer look at the manufacturer's website should provide information about this (and answeres your question indirectly if you can't find anything).
The bootloader can be unlocked, which opens up the possibility of flashing custom ROMs. Unfortunately, it is common practice to exclude devices modified in this way from warranty services. Where are the days gone, when you could feed a computer with any kind of software...

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